The Ultimate Guide to Traveling from Bergamo Airport to Lake Como by Train

Dec 29, 2023

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Traveling from Bergamo Airport to Lake Como by Train

Now, let's delve into the best way to travel from Bergamo Airport to the captivating shores of Lake Como by train. This route offers a convenient and scenic journey, allowing you to relax and soak in the beauty of the Italian landscape.

Step 1: Getting from Bergamo Airport to Bergamo Railway Station

Upon arrival at Bergamo Airport, you can easily reach Bergamo Railway Station, where you'll catch the train to Lake Como. There are several transportation options available:

  • Taxi: Taxis are readily available outside the airport terminal. You can simply hop in and ask the driver to take you to Bergamo Railway Station. The journey takes approximately 15 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.
  • Bus: Bus services operate between Bergamo Airport and Bergamo city center. Take Line 1 from the airport terminal to reach the central station. The journey duration is around 20 minutes.
  • Rental Car: If you prefer the convenience of having your own vehicle, you can rent a car from and drive to Bergamo Railway Station. Our car rental services offer flexible pick-up and drop-off options, allowing you to travel at your own pace.

Step 2: Departing Bergamo Railway Station

Once you've arrived at Bergamo Railway Station, it's time to board the train to Lake Como. The journey is approximately 1 hour and offers stunning views of the Italian countryside.

Trains from Bergamo Railway Station to Lake Como operate frequently throughout the day. Be sure to check the departure schedule in advance to plan your journey accordingly. You can either purchase your train tickets at the station or conveniently book them online through reliable platforms.

Step 3: Arriving at Lake Como

After an enjoyable train ride, you will arrive at one of the picturesque towns surrounding Lake Como. The most popular destinations include Como, Bellagio, and Varenna, each offering its own unique charm and attractions.

From the train station, you can easily reach your hotel or explore the town on foot. Lake Como is renowned for its stunning villas, scenic landscapes, and charming waterfront promenades. Take your time to soak in the beauty of the region and indulge in local cuisine and traditional Italian hospitality.


Traveling from Bergamo Airport to Lake Como by train is a convenient and rewarding experience. With, your trusted travel companion, you can enjoy a seamless journey, top-notch car rental services, a wide selection of hotels, and comprehensive travel assistance. Explore the captivating beauty of Lake Como and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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