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  • Managing a Remote Team From a Coworking Space

    As you may already know, remote teams are growing in popularity. Many tech companies only have remote teams that can work anywhere from all over the country. As you can imagine, there could be some difficulties that come with managing staff and working like a team when you don’t see one another face to face every day.

    How do you supervise many people who live 8 states away from you? How do you build that trust when communication is through computers? You have to feel connected with one another.

    A co-working space or business suite is the perfect place to get your team together to start building relationships while keeping your business on track. Set your expectations, discuss company goals and timelines, and have great overall communication. Structure is key when managing a remote team.

    5 Tips to Managing a Remote Team

    • Clear Expectations. Make clear performance goals and have scheduled meetings with your team to discuss these goals. Having a co-working space could be the perfect place for this; whether it be monthly or quarterly. Continuously check their progress and give individualized attention.
    • Communicate. Use some great tools to communicate with your team. Slack and Trello are great ways to communicate what’s currently going on in the business and what tasks need to be completed. Creating solid processes for your team and making sure communication is thorough, is imperative to your remote team.
    • Regular Meetings. Having regular meetings as a team, as well as one-on-ones to create trust and efficiency. Individualizing your staff is important when trying to meet their needs and build a great culture for your team as a whole.
    • Track your Current Progress. Make sure you have a great project management tool that you and your team can use easily to stay on top of tasks. It’s important to measure the progress of your team so you know the area in which things are slacking. You can address the issues from there, and getting together at a common area would be great to make sure your remote team is on the same page.
    • Hire Those Who can Manage Themselves. When you hire amazing self starters- you’re able to execute your goals for the company more effectively. They could assist you on setting priorities with the company and be successful at meeting your business goals.

    There are many more ways to successfully manage a remote team but having face-to-face follow ups is imperative. Want a great place to manage your valued remote team? You can enter to win a free month at a co-working space here!

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Speaker Lineup:

Dwaine Canova

Preparation for Funding and Growth

10:00 AM           Dwaine Canova            Rm. 104

Dwaine Canova has a long history of successful start-ups and subsequent sales. One international call center marketing operation employed over 3000 people in multiple countries by the time he sold to a multinational corporation.

Oye Waddell

Let the Hustlers Hustle – For the Common Good

11:00 AM           Oye Waddell            Rm. 201

Oye Waddell is the Executive Director of Hustle PHX. Waddell grew up in inner city Los Angeles and has a long track record in urban education and entrepreneurship.

Jack Heald

Psychological Shortcuts to Customer Loyalty

12:00 PM              Jack Heald                 Rm. 104

Jack is an autodidact, author, copywriter, singer-songwriter, public speaker, researcher, and the creator of Cult Your Brand, the world’s only training course in psychological shortcuts to loyalty.

Bridgett Hart

Quit Wasting Marketing $$’s and Get Results that Matter

1:00 PM             Bridgett Hart                Rm. 201

​Bridgett is an operations executive who brings corporate experience to a small business budget so entrepreneurs can get from concept to function without losing their art or equity

JoAn Risdon

TRUnorth – Destiny by Design

2:00 PM             JoAn Risdon                Rm. 220

Recognize ways to communicate your unique identity as a professional. Increasing your opportunities and assisting you in achieving your goals and objectives in career, business and life.  JoAn leads a team of experts that specialize in increasing revenue and distinguishing businesses through media and development, as well as marketing and sales strategies.

Eric Luster

The Story of A Local Tech Start-Up

3:00 PM             Eric Luster                 Rm. 104

After a successful career in the US Army as a high tech specialist, Eric worked on projects for companies such as General Dynamics and more. Deciding instead to be an entrepreneur, he has developed a product designed to effectively monitor for concussions from sports activities.

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